Monday, September 6, 2010

I havent found my way out of the friend limbo yet... it is only getting worse.


  1. What do you mean "friend limbo"?

    I'm your friend, Claire! I'm also your subordinate, but hey, we can transcend those cultural boundaries, right?


    No? Ugh.

    I did something for you!

  2. my old friends knew me inside and out but only until i reached 19 and moved. my new friends know of my day to day shenanigans but after that only what i decide to tell them... i wish it was different because some of the people here are real gems but its no secret that ill be moving on again soon to start all over again with strangers and drift even further away from my friends back home.

    self-absorbed and pretentious it might be, but its how i feel and i have nowhere else to write it down... i certainly cant keep it to myself because it has been eating away at me.

    in other news, i cant wait to read your new chapter!
    and please stop bowing to me in real life, it is ruining the illusion that i think my minions are my equals and if you continue to do so i will have to send my people out to destroy you in a way that will stay out of the press... mmmkay?

  3. I thought the bowing was sheer comedic perfection. I had to refrain from a chorus of "WE'RE NOT WORTHY", but then again, maybe next time?

    And I understand what you mean perfectly. I had a go at someone a few days back, because I told them that I only hang round with three people, really, and if I want to spend time with you-- if I think you're awesome-- I will make an effort, and if you cancel on me. Repeatedly. It drives me insane with sadness. Ha. It's difficult, but you're doing what's best for you.

    See you soon, boss!