Monday, March 8, 2010

"when you grow up, your heart dies" -ally sheedy, the breakfast club

to aid the childrens writing assignment i have spent a lot of time watching movies about teenagers in high school because the part of me that felt things strongly and remembers what it was like to be one has conveniently packed its bags and left just when i needed it most.

this photo was taken at the entrance of school.


  1. Some interesting posts this week especially about your writing. This post made me think that as a teenager I drooled over Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club at the cinema and you probably hadn't been born yet. God your blog makes me feel old. If your watching teen angst movies then I suggest Pretty In Pink (Molly Ringwald), St Elmo's Fire (Ally again) and something really naff like Footloose which at least has good dancing in it (although not as good as Flashdance - and I'm sure we both prefer Jennifer Beals to Kevin Bacon)

  2. i prefer jennifer beals to anything!
    ive always wanted to see st. elmos fire, thanks for reminding me it exists!