Sunday, March 28, 2010

one hundred and one

the ice cream van outside is playing greensleeves and i feel like i could burst.

last night was incredible.

the gig at the independent arts centre was ridiculously cool; grace and the magic roots and free control were absolutley brilliant... the visuals that were projected onto the wall behind sally and the band were mesmerising. i really hope that place gets huuuge, it deserves it. what a lovely atmosphere. i met some cracking people!

after that i went to the garage to meet some friends so i could go to a party. one of them smashed a bottle of magners on the floor by accident so i stood around it to stop a lawsuit.

someone asked what it was (duhh) so i told them i was expecting triplets and they were about to come out.

the party was amazing... loads of people i didnt expect to see turned up and made the night. a boy was going round with a fisheye lens snapping pictures of everyone, it was really sweet.

when i ran out of rum i drunk more pepsi than my body had room for, it was great.

i wandered home around 6 or 7 while it was light and pink and blue and my eyes were hazy, but i was so happy. i cant remember the last time i felt this good.
photograph by hanscrystalanderson

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