Saturday, March 6, 2010

has died

death on facebook is such an odd thing, it really unnerves me.

i found out someone i was friends with had died through facebook two years ago while i was in a room full of people and it was awful.

i saw a "RIP" profile tonight and went on the page of the girl who had died as i didnt know her but we had a lot of mutual friends so i figured that she was someone from home.

she was pretty and young and her passing has obviously had a huge impact on people, but the thing that sent shivers down my spine was a set of pictures "updated a week ago."

rest in peace alice.


  1. I found out an old school friend had died through Facebook. I was sat in an internet cafe that I used to frequent (now closed) and I logged on and saw that her profile was quite popular. She had died of meningitis, at, thinking back, 17? 18? And the crudely scrawled messages of condolences, the "your in a better place now", the "see you soon" notes, made me simply hate more than I had done before. People. God... you know?

    I hadn't spoken to her for months, years, but she was suddenly gone, and there was a small void in my identity that hadn't been there before.

  2. yeah i definitley identify with that, people cope in strange ways. it was the same with my friend...we werent close but as soon as she was gone i felt i was missing something.